Frequently Asked Questions

  • "How does my order fulfillment happen?"
    Your order is processed through us to DSers to AliExpress (or future suppliers) for fulfillment. That means for returns, refunds, exchanges, etc. we have to manage through DSers and speak to AliExpress. All of these things take time, so please be patient with any issues that arise.
  • "How long will my package take?"
    Most of our items will be 7-14 day type items. Sometimes a product slips through to store is longer, or is the only item available. In such a case please allow 4-6 weeks for full delivery.
  • "What if I am not satisfied with my order?"
    Talk to us about it. See our Refund policy, and try to understand we are the middleman. We are trying to help your home be Resilient. But we cannot cover the refunds on many items. If you are a European customer you have 14 days. Two Weeks from purchase date.
  • "Why don't you sell..."
    Probably here is a limit. Shopify has limits on items. But in case it is a great idea, and I can get it for you cheap, send us an email at and we will see if it is an option. You could also send us the AliExpress page or other, and we'll see if we can get you the best price!
  • "Where are you located?"
  • "Do you sell Made in America?"
    Yes, if it is available.
  • "Can I pay with Bitcoin?"
    Yes. Email us first.